Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I haven't posted in quite some time. Two months to be exact. But I realized I kind of miss writing these things, regardless of whether or not anyone actually reads them.

A lot has happened in the world of (Cleveland) sports. For awhile, I was too overcome with a Romeo hangover and a severe case of Browns sickness (not to be confused with Cavs fever, a completely welcome ailment) to care enough to post. Actually the entire sport of football started to make me sick to my stomach. As far as I'm concerned, the Superbowl and the events leading up to it didn't even really happen.

So I'm going to bring myself to date with a run down of significant (as decided by me) events that have happened since I last posted, with my 1-2 word reaction (because for some of these, more than one word was required to really express my thoughts, but 3 is way too much effort).

Romeo goes bye bye: YAY!

Savage goes too: F$#* you!

Lebron does something awesome: WOO!

Playoffs: BLAH

Mangini: Not Romeo...

Superbowl: Meh!

Lebron does more awesome things: YIPEE!

Anything dealing with A-Rod: Surprised?

George Kokinis: Not Savage...

Other Cavs do something awesome too: Chalupas!

Phelps and the reefer: Dude!

Knicks give up 113 pts, to 2 players, in 2 games- HA-HA!

Probowl: That happened?

Lakers @ the Q: :(

All-star game: Shaq = freak!

So yea, that's about it, and kind of brings us up to date. Anything I left off probably wasn't taht important anyway. Cavs don't play on national TV again until Sunday. But seeing as I live in NYC, maybe I'll throw up the obligatory "Lebron/NY" post between now and then since I wasn't back up and posting when the boys in blue (or yellow or wine or whatever the hell color they're wearing these days) came to town.